Dean Lloyd Counselling

Dean is a Trauma informed practitioner located in Sydney’s inner west. Dean is passionate about providing a safe space when you are able to discover who you want to be and let go of all the old behaviours holding you back. He has a wealth of personal experience to draw upon as well as qualifications in Gestalt Therapy.

A little bit about me

I started my personal recovery journey over 20 years ago. In this time I have developed the ability to sit with people where ever they are on their journey. Understanding and working as a Trauma Informed Practitioner. My ability to listen, hear and understand you. Provides me with the awareness of what healthy and viable options, will allow you to find the answers you may be seeking. Providing you with a pathway towards a more satisfying and sustainable life.

Understanding how busy people are in todays modern world. It is my aim to provide simple practical solutions that can be achieved in your every day life.

I am a surfer, father of 3, that has been married for over 10 years. I am passionate about helping people to identify and understand how making different choices in their lives, will led to a life they want to live. I love to travel and enjoy meeting new people from different cultures.

Have you ask your self these questions?

Do you keep making promises to yourself and loved ones that you don’t keep?

  • Have you recently googled “am I an alcoholic”
  • Is social media impacting your life more than you like
  • Have you been arrested recently
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining a relationship
  • Have you tried to stop

Are you ready to start on your journey to a new way of living?

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